Thursday, December 17, 2009

Um. I am a little busy.

We're on the countdown at our house.
How about you????
Today, I had my classes party and Luke's Christmas party, AND David's Christmas party.
Tomorrow, I am coordinating Benjamin's Christmas party and leaving to go out of town.
Tonight I baked cakes for Benjamin's class to decorate during their party-it is a Happy Birthday Jesus Party(stole the idea from someone else). 'Cause that IS what we are celebrating. Not what we buy, or how we wrap it, or what we make, or how we decorate. It is not. Will not. Nor ever be. We celebrate because our Savior was born. I am a bit burned out with ALLLLLLLLL of this extra that I am DOING for the approval of others!!!! You may be perfect and not struggle with that(I am being sarcastic). But my PRIDE keeps pushing me.

Let's make a pack. You and me.
Let's promise to not let our pride of presenting what we "do" at Christmas get in our way of just loving those we are around.
If your family has noticed you are stressed, or you seem short- May I offer you what I am learning(note-NOT learned, in the process of) are doing too much and it isn't enjoyable for anyone. If I step on your toes, I am sorry, but from one sinner to the next, let's lay our pride down.
You in?

Feeling the need for disclaimer~~~~~I LOVE Christmas!!!! I love the festivities and I love doing special things for people.

Feeling the need for additional disclaimer~~~~~I think my pride encouraged the first disclaimer. :)


Tonja said...

Smart words, my dear! Things that seemed like a good idea back in Nov. and give us reason to stress out mightily! And, it is harder still when you have young children as you do!

I will tell you this, though, boys love to have their Moms this age! In a few years, they will want you to hide out in the house and not show your face for a while!

But, that will pass, too!

You are doing a great job with your sweet little men! Just ask...who will benefit by me doing this task? If it is not someone you dearly love...don't do it!

bevysblog said...

Amen... I could have written the same post. ACK... that darned pride!

J said...

You make me smile...I am with you! :)