Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Struggle

As I return to the real world, my heart is torn.
I am in the midst of a ragging war within my being-to be still versus to be in control.
The beach was one of the most restful times I think we have ever had with our boys.
A blessing that I do not want to take for granted.
However, the peace that was surrounding our unhurried pace does not seem to exist in day to day life.
At least not completely, but I think the peace can transcend the shores to our home.
I desire that peace to surround us. Always-even when we were supposed to be out the door five minutes ago...
I have a hunch that it has a lot to do with talking to Jesus all throughout the day. As in a conversation. To be raw with Him-blatantly honest. And mainly, yielded to the Potter. I am afraid that I am the clay that has to be spun around and around on that cool little machine because I keep wanting to jump off and make myself into a tray or something. Ahhhh, He has our good and His glory at heart.
He IS working for my good. I certainly don't deserve it. I stink at being a good little piece of clay. But, He is a skilled potter, the best and I am hopeful that my time on the spinning machine will produce something that makes my potter smile.


Kellie said...

I completely agree and understand - our vacation at the beach was wonderful too, and I miss that peaceful feeling of just "being"!

J said...

just want to say...love you.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I'm so glad it was such a restful vacation. Yay! Now to find some rest and peace in the daily life....hmmm.

Angie said...

I am not very good clay either. I find it so hard to make a list of would be nice... and not a list of have to do's and just enjoy the mundane. I think you are right, conversation with our maker is the answer.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love the clay analogy because it reminds me that even though things are spinning CONSTANTLY, someone is working with His goal at hand!
Thanks!! Needed that!