Monday, May 4, 2009

You know your a mom when...continued...

Ben and I enjoyed this while out on the porch watching the waves!
I loved the way these beach chairs looked stacked up!
"We are but a band of brothers," Shakespeare

We had a wonderful time at the beach this past weekend with just the five of us!  

We are blessed to have been able to enjoy my in-laws beach house in Orange Beach!  What fun we had!
You know you're a mom when....

You drop your college project in the mud puddle that you have spent DAYS, HOURS, and WEEKS on, (but who's really counting) while talking on the cell phone and unloading your precious cargo-a.k.a-children.

Precious cargo proceeds to wet on mother.  As in WET all over mother's shirt while in the parking lot of the college where the project will go.

So, not only is said project wet, but mother is now wet too.  :)  

Thankfully, my dear friend Sharri called while I was inside to see if I had gotten it turned in okay.  When I returned to the car, I proceeded to laugh and cry at the same time as I retold the events of the afternoon to her.  

Reminder, this is what fingerprints our lives:  The ability to laugh when we're in the mud!  I wouldn't trade our three little guys for one minute!  Bring on the mud!  WE LIKE MUD PUDDLES AROUND HERE ANYWAY!  HEHEHEHE~

I would love to hear your own version of you know you're a mom when....
If you're not a mom, you could write an autograph moment for your own mother!  I know you people have some good ones!


J said...

oh...reading about your project getting knocked into the water/mud makes me cringe. I'm glad you could laugh a little through the tears! hang in there friend!

ps the "word verification" is "caphe" - no doubt pronounced "cafe" - hmmm...perhaps a sign??? we've got to get together!

Tonja said...

That's my girl! Save those tears and stress for the things tht will matter 5 years from now! The rest is all 'stuff'. Love you!

Kellie said...

Glad you can laugh through the rough times!!!! Hang in there! Summer is coming!!!!!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

I'm so proud of you. Going to school is hard, with kids in tow... I can only imagine.
Oh the project...speechless.
What stories that you can tell the boys about school when they are in college! This one will produce laughs for a long time.

Leah said...

Hang in there!! Glad you could laugh about the project mishap...or at least you can now! :)