Monday, May 11, 2009

Snuggle, Chatter Time

So tonight Benjamin proposed an idea.
He suggested that we enjoy Snuggle, Chatter time.  He threw the word Snuggle, Chatter, Warmth time in there, but shortened it to Snuggle, Chatter.
Sounded good.  He explained exactly what he meant.

All 5 of us should snuggle up on the couch and talk.  The couch was the place since he said that is where people talk.  

We did.  It was delightful.  We spent time there holding the boys, reading, and just talking.  The time was priceless it wasn't "planned out" to be something special, but just to give them our full attention without an agenda other than to snuggle and engage in their thoughts.

Luke hailed him a genius.  


Tonja said...

And, so he is...and wise beyond his years!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How sweet...I'm speechless...or at least struggling with words...this seems so mature, so ....I can't grab the word...for a young boy. I love to see the affection and emotion of the male gender...too many times males hide their feelings, needs, emotions.

How cute that Luke considered him a genius for this idea. I would have love to been a fly on the wall...I think I could've reaped some warm fuzzies just watching all five of you.

Hey, do you know you are like Jill on Home Improvement? :-)

Kristen said...

That is precious!

J said...

That is so precious! Good for y'all! so fun!

MW has coined a similar term: "huggle-ing" - it's a time to hug and snuggle. :)

Darby said...

Absolutely priceless... I'm just now catching up! So sweet.

j. drake said...

We have "Jesus, jumpy time" which is when we read and pray in our bed, then jump! really, just danner jumps.

Ang baylis said...

So sweet! I love how you took the time to blog about it!
Angie xoxo

Sherrie said...

Yes little are a little genious and such sweet, sweet boy with an incredibly kind heart!!!

mabarnes said...


Abby Maddox said...

Oh. my. goodness. I. love. this! What things come out of their mouths! and ideas from their sweet heads. I want to snuggle chatter!