Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home....What to do?

Home with a sore throat.
I've swept.
Called some sweet mamas.
Worked a little.
Put dishes away.
Called Daddy George.
He's Granny Hannie's husband.
He was off to play bridge.
How cute is that?
Well, I'm guessin' I should be restin'.
That is sooooo boring!  
I think I'll go restring the Christmas lights on the tree that burned out last week.

P.S.-Two trips coming up this month.
1.  Beach with 4 dear friends this weekend.
2.  A surprise Birthday Outing with my AWESOME husband.

P.P.S.-Thankful for antibiotics!  Thankful for a great doctor.


windycorner said...

Aawwww...pat, pat, pat. So sorry you're under the weather. Wish I could send over a big pot of chicken soup with lots of garlic to knock that old sore throat right out. Guess I'll do the what I can.....pray for quick recovery and thank God for good doctors and medicine. Feel better soon!

Kellie Patton said...

I'm feeling your pain!

Tonja said...

Feel better soon!

Leah said...

So sorry you were feeling yucky! Home you're all better! I'm jealous of your beach trip! Hope it was fun!