Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yikes.  Today is so busy.  I have a lot to do this afternoon. 
*Lesson plans for next week
*Grade papers
*Get dinner
*Bike ride with the family
*Visit with some old neighborhood & beyond pals

Yesterday, I got to polish my silver.  I always try to do it before the holidays!  I am so excited to have it done.  I need something "fall" to put on my mailbox.  Any suggestions?   Needs to be economical too.  

Beach pictures are coming when I get a chance to download from the camera.


Ang baylis said...

There is a reason I am not a school teacher... I did not get the crafty gene. I hope some other friends can help you! I may sneak back here to steal their ideas... :) I'm glad you asked! I hope you got a lot done this afternoon!
Angie xoxo

Heather said...

Hope Benjamin is feeling better!

Kellie Patton said...

Oh, you just reminded me of all the silver I need to polish - I do it quarterly - the tea sets and such that actually sit out (and tarnish soooo quickly), and the silverware needs to be done too -- when will it ever get done? Can I call a Silver Fairy

windycorner said...

Hi Andi,
You've inspired me to get busy and get my silver done, too. That's one of those jobs that's rewarding because the result is so beautiful.
How about a swag for your mailbox made with branches from your yard? You can use a coathanger for the wire and hotglue on some pinecones and sweet gum balls to cover it when you have everything bundled. Mix it up with evergreen and fall leaves so even if the leaves fall off you'll still have color. Thanks for the idea of framing the leaves on the ground picture. I like that one, too and have it on my computer desktop. If I frame it then everyone can enjoy it.

Leah said...

No mailbox suggestions...I'm way to busy to even decorate this fall! Maybe I'll get the Christmas tree up! :)

Sailing November 9th! Very excited, but also nervous about leaving the little ones...