Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today my Fairy came to visit.  She had this place sparkling when we got home.  She even called to make sure everything was to my liking.  :)  She went the extra mile and boy am I thankful she was able to come and sprinkle cleaning dust.  

I didn't get my Carmel machiato today.  That was alright because I got to sleep about 30 minutes longer this morning.  So, tomorrow I will fetch my special drink.  Doesn't that sound like a fun Happy Fall Friday?

Guess what?  I have Fall Break next week.  
I hope to spend time with Big Ben and the boys.  Have fun with the gals in Bham.  Enjoy the beach.  RELAX.

I will be spending my time ignoring the economy.  I am trying not to be an alarmist.  I have loved ones who have a significant amount invested in stocks.  They have worked, saved, and wisely invested only to see much of it decline drastically over the last few days.  

I think I will read People on the beach.  I will not follow the political scene because that is making my acid reflux go haywire.  I will also paint my nails.  No, not on the beach silly. That would get too messy.  I'll paint them before I get out there.


justabeachkat said...

I'm hearing joy in your words. Yeah!


Kellie Patton said...

Have a good break - I will be enjoying mine too!

Darby said...

yay!! i'm so happy for you... you deserve that clean house! have a restful week!!!

Anonymous said...

You must have a great husband!!! Who loves YOU very much! I bet he is thankful for you. He might even want to tell all of your blogging friends that you really are a great wife and mother.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm. Your husband does love you very much. He is a lucky man.