Monday, October 6, 2008


There are several heartaches in my circle.

I am distressed at the quantity of issues that some friends have to deal with.  I like Andi Land.  I wish I could stay in Happyville and pretend there weren't problems.

Why do my friends have to experience such heartbreak?

I don't like seeing them hurt.  Loss is terrible.

The only thing that can fill a void is Jesus.

What if they don't see Jesus?

My friend Pam says, "If we can't see His hand, we can trust His heart."

You are my friend too.  I am not naive enough to think your life is a walk in the park.  It might be, sometimes.  But I bet you are hurting in one way or another.

I hope you can see His hand today.  I hope my hurting friends will see Jesus today and feel Him in a way they never have before. 


Lori said...

Andi, I am so sorry that you are in a valley right now. I have learned in my 49 years that Jesus is faithful to walk with us. It is those sad times that drive us to God, grow our relationship and ultimately our faith. It is also those sad times and also happy times that ultimately will become our life testimonies and ministries that will make our Saviour irresistable to the hopeless. I recommend putting on your favorite praise music and dancing around the room. Defy the evil that would have you oppressed. Hug those friends who are suffering and pray for them deligently!

much love, Lori
p.s. handbag is by Liz Claibourne, from TJ MAXX!

Ang baylis said...

You are such a wonderful friend, full of compassion for everyone in your life. I'm honored to be one of them! He is SO good and I really feel so Blessed that my life is going so well right now. You are SO right, He is the only thing that can fill a void... Praise God that we know that we know that we know that we know!
Love to you,
Angie xoxo

Ang baylis said...

p.s. Oh no, you are a teacher, right? And I just used the word "so" too many times! Sorry!