Sunday, September 28, 2008

Washed Boys and the LIBRARY

   I am involved with a local consignment sale for children's clothes.  We emptied out closets full of little boy items.  It has taken a couple of days to price it all.  ANYWAY, I was dropping the clothes off and guess what I came home to?  A hot dinner and clean boys!  My husband is the BEST!
Now, I am holding my breath that while Big B. is out getting dog food and I am blogging (not using my time wisely), the Kitchen Fairy will appear and have it all taken care of for me!
May I also explain to you that I need an excavator to move the quantity of laundry that has accumulated in our closet.  There might be something living under it all.  I am serious y'all!

The house is clean.  I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. Thursday night getting it done.  I did.  Task accomplished.  I think Thursday will be my new cleaning day. I don't like cleaning on Friday.  The boys and I try to go to the Public Library on Fridays.
That leads me to another topic of discussion.  What is up with the ladies at the Library being TOTALLY uninterested in helping me?  I go there to check out books and they can see I am a struggling mom of three with my hands full of books for my classroom while balancing a baby.  Then, my child asks for a book on factual information about the beginning of steam engines.  I asked for help locating the information on their computer, which I am doing one handed.  She pulled up the screen for me to type in the info and said, "Here you go."  Gee, thanks.  Don't go out of your way lady!  Then, I asked about some books on Fall.  They weren't sure, but I could check the computer.  FINALLY, I point blank said, "I need some help."   
She replied coolly, "Oh you do?"  WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe they are scared that all of the library users will become codependent library users.  We could start some sort of needy library user support group.  I am Andi, I am dependent on the LIBRARIANS FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!  Are there cameras in there with a group of viewers analyzing how to handle "needy" users?  
Well, anyway I am ranting.  I believe that violates blog etiquette.  Please forgive me.   To her credit, it was late on Friday and she was probably ready to jet.  I still think you offer assistance if you see someone could use it!  However, I will return Friday and I truly hope that I have a better experience.  She may have thought I was the CRAZY one for bringing 3 children there to check out books.  To my credit, it is a Children's Library and I am trying to engage my children in reading!!!!!!!  I'll be quiet now.  Good Night!


Tonja said...

My friend...I have so been there and feel your pain! It seems like NO ONE wants to do their jobs anymore...especially if it involves rendereing service. I thought they studied that in librarian school...Library Science 101...You have a job that includes helping folks find books...even 'crazy ladies' with 3 little ones in tow! And I say that with LOL...lots of love! LOL...the other one!

And blogging etiquette...your blog is your 'brain dump'. It is where you should put your true feelings about whatever it is you are feeling at the moment! So, rant, rave, scream, holler, have a 'hissy fit' or a 'coniption fit' or whatever seems appropriate for the occasion! It's your blog and you can rant if you want to! (I think there is a song by that were talking about a party, but the words still fit!) See you tomorrow.

Ang baylis said...

I'm smiling right now. I could see myself in your exact position. I get freaked out in Libraries anyway and always need help. I think I have a deep seeded problem. I agree with Tonja. She is brilliant! I think I will re-name my blog name to, "Brain dump". That way I won't have people critique my posts. I'm not an author, just a sister in Christ who needs to dump sometimes. Thanks for being real...
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Lindsey said...

Stuff like that really peeves me too. And when I have some free time, my next blog is probably going to be a/b my granny and her hospital stay (where she still is btw) and the poor care she has received!

Tara said...

It is unfortunate that this is happening just about everywhere you go! I have had similar run-ins lately, and some people are just getting plain lazy! Don't be afraid to find a supervisor of some sort if it really gets to you. This is what happens these days during my hormonal rages!

J said...

I CANNOT stand our library. I have yet to have a positive experience and only feel that I am in their way and a burden - to ALL! In the adult section (where I was once told to "shush" my :cooing" six month old - truly, she was ONLY cooing, sweet little "coos," we aren't talking a screaming fit!), as well as the children's section. Therefore, my children do lack in their "library" education. I just don't have the emotional energy to spend in a place where I am such an imposition. We are, however, quite proficient at locating books at B&N and Books-A-Million...and fortunately their staff is always eager to help...(too bad their books can't be checked out!)

Abby Maddox said...

I just snotted on my computer (literally I had to go get a tissue) when I read the part where you sounded like you were in AA for library users

Anonymous said...

Can I hope that you were dealing with library clerks/technicians and not the professional librarians? I really recommend complaining and you should be able to do so anonymously via a suggestion box or online at their site. I'm sure the library director will NOT be pleased by your experience.