Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Uh Oh

glimmerfluff:  2 Many Doughnuts
THANKS for your prayers for Mom.  She did well during the surgery.  She is in a lot of pain, but the morphine pump is helping with that.  :)  I went by to check on her and she was pretty funny.

I am really tired, need to do laundry, and clean up the breakfast dishes so dinner can take place. The house is a wreck---I promise it IS.  :)  BUT to really top things off, I just ate 4 powdered sugar doughnuts, a jelly swirled honey bun, and 4 choc. chip cookies-hence the picture entitled Too Many Doughnuts.  I  swished it all down with a Happy Hour Cherry Limeade-Sonic's 1/2 price drinks from 2-4.  Maybe a sugar rush will occur and I will look like Wonder Woman getting my to do list done.  

BTW-David just got himself out of his highchair by himself.  Not a booster, a highchair PEOPLE!!! Glad he didn't fall.  He was having a snack, or so I thought and climbed right on out of the thing as I was typing this post.
Well, I wanted to give you a preview for tomorrow. 
****Why did the chicken cross the road?******
Come back and check tomorrow, it's not what you think!  SUSPENSE....gotta love it.  :)


Ang baylis said...

Your post made me hungry! I'm glad your mom is doing well! I'll try to get back to find out why the chicken crossed the road!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have ever made a comment on someones blog. Maybe,I am catching up to speed. I will let Mark know you enjoyed your treats! Poor Ben he was left out.

Anonymous said...


What . . . no popsicles? I told you where they were. Praying for your mom . . thanks for keeping us updated. Your "pretty white flower" comment made me laugh out loud. BW

Robin said...

Will pray for your mom...She has been a prrayer warrior for so many.

Tonja said...

Well, that sounds like a balanced meal to me!