Friday, July 4, 2008

Thank You

Land of the Free, but it has had its costs.  Men and women have given their lives, sacrificially over the course of our country's life.  It was worth that to them.  I love our country, at least the ideals that it is built upon.  I am sad at what appears to me as lack of pride in our country.  Or maybe it's just that people don't care anymore.  I hope that my children realize the gift that has been given to them by those that love the Land of the Free, it is my hope that we will love her again.  She is entrusted to us by the Lord, a gift to enjoy and work for.  
If you would like to help your children learn more about our country, a great book is The Pledge of Allegiance from Scholastic.  
*A few facts about our Pledge:
*The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892.
*It was written by a man named Francis Bellamy.
*The Pledge was written for a children's magazine called The Youth's Companion.
*Mr. Bellamy wanted to fly the flag above every school in America.
*He wanted the children to feel pride and love for their country as they said the Pledge.
*The Pledge of Allegiance, Commemorative Edition
photo by: kammeyjd


Lindsey said...

I agree! And I did not know those facts about the flag. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

nancygrayce said...

I agree too! Thanks for the facts!

Kristen said...

I knew you would have a great 4th of July post! Thanks for the flag facts!

Robin said...

loved catching up on your posts. Been gone for a couple of weeks. Don't feel guilty about the ironing !