Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Are Small

photo from Sabbaa7i's photostream
courtesy of Flickr

Tonight our church had a ladies fellowship. We watched Indescribable by Louie Giglio. It was breathtaking. I wanted to leave our day with this thought:

"The creation of our universe was just ONE of God's thoughts." We serve a BIG God. He placed our earth in the perfect spot to get just the right light and heat from the sun in the right position in our galaxy. So, whatever you are dealing with today as you are gearing down from a busy day, look out your window or go outside. Look at the vastness of the skies. We serve a BIG God. He created it all to bring glory to Him-we are SMALL! Very, very small........and yet the Creator of our galaxy and all that lies beyond, knows my name and your name too. His Son, Jesus Christ, who is seated at the right hand of God came to this small planet that we call Earth. He gave His life for those that He created so that we might enjoy His presence for all eternity. Good night.....Rest well, we serve a BIG God. While you sleep, the stars are praising our Creator.


Dona said...

Love it! You are right- He is BIG and we are so small! How awesome that He knows us and still wants a relationship with us!Have a great day!

Kristen said...

I love this post!

Tonja said...

It just kind of puts our petty little problems into perspective, doesn't it? What scares, or worries, or bothers us while we are on this planet is so minute compared to how we will live in Glory....IF He is our Savior...if you don't know Him....NOW is the time!